The Shadow Scholar

Summary 1 addressing deans of Emory College:

Why do our students cheat? Is there a fundamental problem in our nation’s education system? In The Shadow Scholar, an article written by Ed Dante, a different viewpoint regarding cheating is brought into light; the view from the man who’s been writing the student’s papers. This man makes a salary of roughly $66,000 a year, more than most professors earn, by writing papers for students applying to college, already in college, applying for masters or doctoral programs, and more. So the question is this: why aren’t these students willing and able to write their own papers and how has this gone unnoticed for so long? The article makes you question the entire education system, because of this one man’s input from the other side. In short, he explains his story about how he’s written papers for students in all levels of the education system, has a salary higher than the actual professors, and explains why it is such a successful business to be in.  


Summary 2 addressing 13-year-old sibling/cousin:

It has become increasingly common for students to hire other people to write their school papers for them. In an article, The Shadow Scholar, a man who goes by Ed Dante, describes his view on it being the guy that writes the papers for the students. He includes the text messages he receives from the students filled with misspelled words asking for his help as well as descriptions of the different kinds of students that he gets messages from. He also talks about how he began writing when his classmates were too lazy to write their own papers and were willing to pay someone to do it, which is why he decided to get do it. Now, after writing papers for so long, he opens up about being the man who writes papers for students.


Summary 3 addressing public via twitter:

Why aren’t students writing their own essays? And why is he? Read what the man writing and selling them has to say:



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