Dante Shadow Scholar

Dante’s Shadow Scholar is an insight into the world of the online paper mill from the perspective of one of its “hired guns” that writes some of the best student papers at your university. In his exposition, he recalls countless stories of inadequate students coming to him to write everything from freshman English papers, to doctorate theses. Some say that he takes advantage of the “incompetence of your students’ writing”, which to some extent he admits he does. However, Dante likes to look at the situation as him living “on the desperation, misery, and incompetence that your educational system has created”. And he lives well. Sixty-six thousand dollars a year well. Yet he doesn’t try to be accusatory in his article as much as point out a systemic problem. He says that he “wants to start a conversation”, a conversation that he hopes will steer the education system away from its philosophy of “evaluation over education” and refocus that effort towards ensuring the successful longterm education of your students.


I just finished reading this story about a man who writes essays for students. The gist of the article was that cheating wasn’t the fault of the kids, but of the teachers and administrators of the school, which I thought was a pretty cool take on the subject. Dante, the guy who wrote the article, gave some examples of just how poorly educated some of these kids in college were. Dante got emails from kids asking him to write papers like “you did me business ethics proposal … pls can you will write me paper?”. It’s pretty obvious that these colleges and even graduate students need to take some English lessons from you! Dante hopes that these students find the help they need, and with this article, he wants to start a conversation that begins to address where exactly the education system is failing these students. But promise me that you will always do your own work like you always do, and if you need help on something, ask anyone; me, mom and dad, or your teachers. It can only help you in the future.


Dante writes papers 4 students, says lots o cheating. wnts deans 2 fix education systm #college #newtakeonlife


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