Its Not Plagiarism

I recently read the article It’s Not Plagiarism. In the Digital Age, It’s ‘Repurposing by Kenneth Goldsmith I realized that it emphasizes that in this day and age there really isn’t anything that one can claim for him or her self. Everything that is found on the internet or in the papers is an idea that has already been formulated by someone else. Goldsmith is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and in his class he shows his students how to use other people’s work and make it their own. Now in a school that is not something that one should see in a teacher but he has a great point. For the end of his class he has the students buy a final essay, the catch, they have to be able to defend it in front of the class as if they had wrote it. While this class seems completely out of the ordinary his point is made and the reader understands that there really is no such thing as originality anymore.


For class I read this article It’s Not Plagiarism. In the Digital Age, It’s ‘Repurposing by Kenneth Goldsmith, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who uses his and other people’s words to show that no one can really create anything that is original anymore. Everything that we think or say or write has already been thought or said or written by someone else. He makes his point by teaching a class where the students have to make their own essays and prove their points by using someone else’s writing. While this is unique in a teacher because it really is considered cheating, he proves his point. Whenever people try and think of a new idea they think about all the things that have already been made and even if they do think they have found something unique truth is they probably saw something about it already and forgot.


No one has any original thoughts anymore. At least that’s what Kenneth Goldsmith says in his article “It’s Not Plagiarism”


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