Blog post 9/5: Your Facebook Profile Profile

The aim of this assignment is not exactly to describe yourself, but to describe the way you represent yourself. The gulf between those categories may be wide or relatively narrow. More specifically, tell me about the version of you on Facebook (or the social network of your choice). What is the first thing you want people to know from your profile? Do you restrict what certain friends, co-workers or family members can find out about you? What prompted you to make the choices you do about your online persona? If you don’t belong to an online social network, you might discuss your decision to opt out, or share your thoughts about online self-presentation in general. You may also take this opportunity to reflect on the premises or the methods of the paper “Personality, Gender, and Age in the Language of Social Media,” which we’ll be discussing on Friday.

I don’t expect a “scholarly” tone, but I do expect proper sentence structure and an organization that reflects your thinking. You might structure the paper chronologically (e.g., how has your attitude toward Facebook changed since you discovered it?) or thematically (e.g., comparing photographs of yourself).

Length: roughly 500 words.

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