Shadow Scholar Summaries – Emily Enyedi

The Shadow Scholar – Summary 1

Ed Dante, an anonymous man who specializes in writing, reveals how corrupt today’s education system and its students really are in his article, The Shadow Scholar. Dante works for a company that helps people cheat for the right price – writing custom papers on an array of subjects for desperate and incompetent students. He researches thoroughly and writes about forty pages a night. Though he makes approximately sixty six thousand dollars a year and enjoys to write, Dante feels somewhat guilty for allowing such unethical practices to occur, thus why he chose to expose his business and the harsh reality of today’s education system. Dante questions his readers to consider who exactly is to blame for the flaws in the system – Does responsibility fall on the shoulders of teachers and professors? Parents? Perhaps law makers and administrative teams? This article is a reminder to all that cheating is very prominent and that anyone could be participating in such practices.

The Shadow Scholar – Summary 2

Did you know that you can pay people to write your essays for you? I just read this cool article about how this guy who goes by Dante makes over sixty grand a year by writing papers for students who are too lazy or too stupid to do it themselves. The papers are really expensive but apparently Dante does a good job because he and his students never get caught. He doesn’t edit the stuff he writes so it seems more believable. Dante said he’s written everything from blog posts to thesis papers and has done projects in tons of different subject areas. It’s pretty messed up that people can get away with that and I think that Dante feels guilty for helping people cheat – but at the same time, money is money.

The Shadow Scholar – Summary 3

The Shadow Scholar helps students of all kinds cheat – He writes their papers in exchange for money #EducationSystemAtItsFinest


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