The Shadow Scholar

Summary #1:

Today, students not willing to do their coursework can really get away with it, but it is going to cost them big time. In the article The Shadow Scholar by Ed Dante, the author discusses a business he created where students can pay him, often large sums of money, to do their course work. There is no limit to the subjects he can and is willing to write about as well as the size of the assignment he is willing to complete. At any given time, Dante can be working on 20 to 40 different assignments, all of which will be turned in and graded as “original” work by any particular student. His customers come from a range of different educational standpoints and backgrounds but he has found that his most common customers are foreigners or rich. Regardless of who is hiring Dante for their own particular reasons, it is clear there is a necessity for his services in the education system today. The only question is, is who is causing this need. 

Summary #2:

Have you ever gotten assigned homework from your teacher and wished someone else could just do it for you? Well there is a man out there named Ed Dante who wrote this newspaper article called The Shadow Scholar all about a business he started to have people pay him to do their homework for them. If you are willing to give him enough money, he will do pretty much any assignment you ask of him. He can write about science, math, english, history and any other subject you can think of. And the crazy part about it is that you will not get caught because your teacher cannot find out! You hand in the homework pretending you wrote it and your teacher will have no idea.


Summary #3: 

Lazy but want an A? Ed Dante does school work 4 $$$!! More info at



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