The Shadow Scholar

In “The Shadow Scholar,” the author, under the pseudonym, Ed Dante, writes to describe the nontraditional way by which he makes his living. Students, young and old, sacrifice their moral integrity by paying Dante to write papers for him/her. His business is lucrative, earning him a salary of $66,000 per year, merely writing papers. His clients’ demands range from college theses to teacher lesson plans. Notably, Dante refuses to take the blame for facilitating in plagiarism; he passes the blame onto the system for not catching the perpetrators. He writes without pause for hours at a time and never checks over his work. Customers praise him for spelling errors and typos, believing it creates a more authentic aura.
Who is to blame? Dante declares despairingly, “how dispiriting to find out that college was just another place where … competition overshadowed personal growth, and the threat of failure was used to encourage learning” (8). Our educational system contains many flaws in that, as students, not only is our knowledge and comprehension tested, but our attention spans, our abilities to remain calm during exams, and our superiority over our peers are being tested as well. Bell-curved grading scales create a learning environment plagued by competition among scholars instead of fostering an environment for growth and understanding. We strive to memorize countless facts, sometimes moments before an exam, with the goal of earning a good grade instead of a seeking a solid understanding of the given material. The flaws in our educational system are obvious, but unfortunately, the solutions are not. As students, we must maintain the integrity of the academic system, and strive to remember the real purpose of our education.

So there’s this guy that will write papers for students to hand into their teachers and they can pretend like they wrote it. He doesn’t even care that the students take credit for all of the writing that he does for them, but they have to pay him a ton of money. He once wrote a seventy-five page paper for a girl in less than a week. He makes $66,000 just from people begging him to do their work for them. Long papers take a ton of research, time, and organization, and rich kids are just too lazy. It’s even harder for kids who only know English as a second language, so they are willing to pay him, too. But that’s crazy to think that people are buying their grade instead of earning it. I also can’t imagine writing papers as my job. That would be so boring to do all day long. He has written so many papers on so many different subjects that he’s practically an expert in everything. He’s proud of the fact that he can take a simple sentence and stretch it out in order to fill up space. Have you ever heard of kids cheating on this scale?

Guy makes 66000/yr writing students’ papers. Easily wrote 75 pg paper in a week. #whaat #cheating


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