The Shadow Scholar


As a new student at Emory University, the honor and conduct codes have been a main focus from my superiors. Dante’s The Shadow Scholar not only highlights the prevalence of disobedience in regards to the honor and conduct codes of higher education, but emphasizes the need for plagiarism and cheating. The extreme procrastination college students pursue supports Dante’s accusation to call these so-called scholars, “students [who] truly are desperate” (Dante 2). Dante, a nearly brilliant man who could receive a higher degree in subjects ranging from pharmacology to Eastern religion, classifies his customers into three groups: “the English-as-a-second-language student, the hopelessly deficient student, and the lazy rich kid” (Dante 4). Dante “work[s] hard for a living” (Dante 9), therefore his work ethic can be seen as admirable, however, this cheating epidemic is rapidly sweeping through the email inbox’s of students and a cure needs to be found.


You probably never even thought this sort of “company” existed. This guy, who goes by Dante, who probably could be doing something great for the world, writes papers for students in pretty much every subject you could imagine. He gets paid per assignment, and makes around sixty thousand dollars a year from doing this. Seems pretty ridiculous right? Struggling students email him with a smidge of information regarding the subject they have a paper in, and he utilizes sites like Wikipedia to his ultimate ability to write a coherent paper. He’s even clever enough to leave in typos or improper sentences in the papers of ESL students. It’s funny because the anxious students who reach out to Dante send the most incoherent emails with instructions. I have trouble deciding which is the bigger miracle: that he can decipher these slag strings of LOL’s and thanx’s, or that they are students of higher education in the first place.


WANTED: the real @Dante hmu if u know who writes everyones essays #SaveEducation #WhyCantPeopleWritePapersThemselves


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