The Shadow Scholar Summaries

College professors and honor-code enforcers have more to worry about with growing essay-writing businesses. In his article The Shadow Scholar, Ed Dante explains his business where students email and ask him to complete their papers, proposals, lesson plans, and dissertations and online courses. He does just this, emailing back and forth with a client until he has written, for example, her graduate thesis. Dante, who writes about 20 to 40 pages per day, reaps great rewards from his sleepless nights, earning about $66,000 per year. Ironically, Dante’s papers aren’t always perfect. He frequently includes typos, and he knows how to repeat himself and drag out an argument for multiple pages, defying English teachers’ plea for concision. He struggles with the conflict between “unethical…practices” and “trade liberalization.”  Dante explains that his clients range from undergraduates to seminary students to “aspiring high-school teachers” to nurses, so, deans, any one of your students could be handing in a plagiarized paper.  

 For my English class, I read an article called The Shadow Scholar by Ed Dante. Students who have English-as-a-second-language, students who are “hopelessly deficient”, and “the lazy rich kids” ask Dante to do their work for them and email it back before the due date. Dante claims that he has written countless “legal briefs, military-strategy assessments, [and] lab reports,” and he’s done so without even going to the library! Dante googles their topics more than any normal human has probably googled. Writing a 75 page paper in two days might seem like a nearly impossible task to an average student, but for Dante, it’s “just miserable.” Although Dante’s clients have never been caught using his services, this form of plagiarism is still risky.  It’s much easier to start early on your own work and ask your teacher for help when you need it. You’ll feel much better about yourself than Dante does.

 Ed Dante earns abt$66k/yr doing student hw. Claims 2 hate edu system but works w/ it anyway. Students nvr been caught #75pagesnoprob


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