Ed Dante: The man behind the grades

Summary 1:

Ed Dante’s article, The Shadow Scholar exposes the harsh reality of our education system and the consequent immorality. He is an anonymous writer who is able to mold his style to fit the requirements of any assignment; for the right price. Dante reveals appalling statistics about his clients and his money-making business that feeds on lackadaisical, incompetent and desperate individuals. The clientele that he reaches out to ranges from professors to military strategists; making the reader question the brutality of our education system and the extent to which it drives those who are part of it. Though one may question Dante’s personal ethics, he explains that the root cause behind him earning sixty-six thousand dollars a year is the flaw in our systems and that if he was not providing his skills, his clients would get this service somewhere else. Dante has a passion for writing and he describes the range of subjects he is able to write on. He has an unusual pace and knows exactly how to efficiently research a topic that is unknown to him. He has also mastered the art of writing to fit the client’s specifications without bringing in his personal style. Not only does he cater to many subjects but also various levels; from high-school papers, to PhD papers and even class plans for teachers! Dante’s talent and hard work is irrefutable, contrasting to his clients’ incompetence which goes unnoticed because of the services that he provides. This article leaves the reader challenging notions about the American education system and reevaluating what he/she believes is effective.

Summary 2:

I just read an eye-opening article titled A Shadow Scholar by Ed Dante, who works in a booming industry that helps students cheat. Dante writes essays for university students, teachers and PhD students; about a range of subjects. He doesn’t bring in his own personal style and adds a realistic touch by making a few typos. He knows exactly what to do so that his clients never get caught and his demand is so high that he earns $66,000 a year. He has template sentences that he uses across clients and has managed to build an efficient and fast system for himself to maximize his productivity. He defends his moral values by blaming our education and the products of it (teachers and students) that drive people to cheat. Dante explains that he has three main types of clients: the lazy rich student, the person that doesn’t speak good English, and the hopeless student. He is able to turn a simple sentence into a long paragraph and he has never had a client getting caught. Surprisingly he doesn’t blame his clientele for the rampancy of cheating; he blames the American education system and what it drives its students into doing. How can a person who doesn’t know how to write his/her thesis paper survive and thrive in his/her career? How can a professor believe that a student who cannot form a single coherent sentence in english wrote a 30 page paper? Dante’s article makes me introspect about our system and teaches me to get help before I reach the stage of desperation that his clients do.

Summary 3:

Ed Dante- The man who helps thousands of students get away with cheating #WhoIsToBlame #FlawedEducation


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