It’s Not Plagiarism

Kenneth Goldsmith teaches writing at the University of Pennsylvania. He starts off the article with a quote. He then changes the quote to cover a different topic while keeping the meaning of it. Through out the article he makes it clear that he does not wish to add new texts to the approaching infinite number that already exists. He talks about the morality of plagiarism. He shows that there is no such thing as an original thought. Someone has most likely thought it before you. Goldsmith shows great people through out history who have plagiarized, including MLK Jr. He teaches a class where the sole purpose of it is to be unoriginal. Students may only use past works to make a new one. Goldsmith describes how in being totally unoriginal, one makes the most original work of art he has ever created. He then finishes the article by saying that a new age is upon us, and people may not be able to stop the repurposing of past works.



            A man by the name of Kenneth Goldsmith writes a paper on whether copying another person’s work is good or bad. He argues that it may not be as bad as it seems. He shows the reader that many great people have copied other people through out history. One famous example he pointed out was the work of Martin Luther King Jr. Kenneth says that if you look hard enough, then you’ll find that MLK Jr.’s ideas were already thought of before. Kenneth describes to us that a original thought is a very rare thing. If you think of something, someone has probably already though of it before you. He even teaches a class on copying other people. In this class kids get rewarded for copying people. Goldsmith shows that by copying other people you are really making your own piece of art. He says that a new age is coming where copying will be the norm. Some people may be resistant, but they cannot stop it.



            Kenneth Goldsmith, a teacher at UPENN, argues for plagiarism. He talks of the many who’ve plagiarized and teaches a class that rewards it.


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