The Shadow Scholar


In Ed Dante’s article, “The Shadow Scholar”, he explains how he began his work and what it entails. As a broke college student, Dante dreamed of becoming a famous writer. However, when his university wouldn’t help him edit and publish his first novel, he began writing papers for his classmates in order to make money. After seeing how profitable this work was, he continued to do it after college and within a decade his work expanded to a much larger scale.

Customers have come to Dante with all sorts of requests, including writing papers for college classes, writing graduate theses, and even attending online universities. Dante acknowledges the immorality of his work but does not take responsibility for it. Instead, he blames the system of education for letting certain types of students fall through the system. The three types he mentions in particular are lazy rich kids, English-as-a-second-language students and hopelessly deficient students. In the article, Dante admits that he plans to retire and that his goal in writing the article was to inspire a conversation about cheating and why it occurs.


Younger Sibling:

I just read this crazy article called “The Shadow Scholar”! The author, Ed Dante, talks about how he writes papers and attends online schools for other people. When he was in college, he dreamed of becoming a published author but his school wouldn’t help him so he started helping other students cheat instead! He even makes $66,000 a year, which is more than most teachers make. He talks about one of his customers who contacted him and she could barely even speak English. Apparently many international students and lazy rich kids come to him for help. He knows that his work is bad because he is helping others cheat and plagiarize but he doesn’t think that it is his fault. He thinks that it is the systems fault and that “education is the worst”. Dante is planning on retiring but the whole purpose of writing the article was to get people talking about cheating.



Schools need to address cheating in America. The problem is worse than they know.


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