The Shadow Scholar

The Shadow Scholar is about a phenomenal writer, Ed Dante, who found a use for his talents writing other student’s essays.  He wrote essays on the whole range of subjects and masterfully wrote essays for all of them.  For $2,000 he could write a short research paper and be done in six days.  This leads to the question who would pay for such a service?  In The Shadow Scholar, Dante sharing all about his business and how it worked.  The stories he shares are truly astonishing, the lack of grammar that his clients would use when contacting him, and his ability to write papers on every topic while never having obtained a degree in any of them.  His own personal story is rather sad.  He tells of his college experience and the potential he had as a writer.  However due to his own financial restraints he got sucked into the world of writing others paper.  In the end it is a sad story of someone who got lacked the resources to reach the level that his abilities could take him.


There are many choices that you will face in life.  One of which is whether to find a way around your responsibilities and ‘cheat the system’.  Ed Dante was one of those people who allowed students to cheat the system.  Instead of writing their papers in school they would pay Dante to write it for them.  They found a gap in the system to exploit.  The biggest part of it was Dante was good at it.  he could push himself to write 20-40 pages in a day with enough substance to get the grade but enough mistakes to pass a plagiarism check.  Dante found his work in a field that allowed others to exploit the system.  As you grow older you will be faced with many paths you want to take the question is which one you want to take the easy road or the high road?


In #TheShadowScholar Ed Dante opens about his experience as a writer for hire for college students


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