“The Shadow Scholar” Summaries

Post #1: Deans of Emory College

“The Shadow Scholar” is a personal account of a professional custom-essay writer, Ed Dante. While the author chooses to use a pseudonym to protect his identify, he establishes his credibility by describing the wide scope of topics he has written about and disclosing his substantial fees and yearly income. Dante further asserts his expertise by manifesting a sense of confidence and control in his client interactions. Furthermore, the author has developed his personal writing process into a thoughtless science. Dante satirically alludes to many of the common traits that his clients share such their appalling grasp of the English language, their tendency to wait until the last minute, and their willingness to spend an exorbitant amount for the service. The main takeaway of the piece highlights not only the breadth and severity of cheating in the contemporary world, but also the failures of the education system.


Post #2: 13-year-old

“The Shadow Scholar” is a really interesting and fun-to-read article about a man who writes other peoples’ assignments for them and gets paid to do it. The author never reveals what his actual name is but he talks about what makes his customers so interesting. The funniest thing is to see the variety of situations that the author writes for. Many people who use this service have trouble spelling really basic words like “project”. It is also interesting to learn just how much money the writer makes by doing other peoples’ work. Most people that use this writer are dumb, lazy and rich, or bad at English. Overall, the author points out both just how much will cheat and the weaknesses in schools and colleges that allow for this business.


Post #3: Twitter

cheating in this country… http://chronicle.com/article/The-Shadow-Scholar/125329/ #USA #americanway #rich #lazy #stupid


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