Summarizing “The Shadow Scholar”

Ed Dante presents an interesting phenomenon that occurs on college campuses in his article, “The Shadow Scholar”. In this article, he explains his role in the underground business of writing other student’s papers in exchange for a money. This business is interesting, as it mainly caters to ESL students and lazy rich students, many of whom are in graduate school, yet have little mastery of the english language. It is quite surprising that this type of cheating goes unnoticed – Dante explains that none of his customers have reported getting caught. When Dante was in college, he aspired to be a writer, however, countless times he was discouraged. Through this business, he became a writer with a solid salary, although not in the way he had expected, because he finds himself monotonously working on papers with little enthusiasm – only vigilence. His services have helped many students graduate, which seems to be the only satisfaction he recieves from his work, indicated by his satirical tone and mockery of the education system throughout the article.


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