The Shadow Scholar Summaries


Ed Dante, a self proclaimed elite “academic mercenary”, makes his living as a professional essay writer for struggling, and lazy college students. Recently, he came forward with his article The Shadow Scholar, which details the life of selling his academic work to students so they can pass it off as their own. It starts off just as any other malicious transaction would, with covert e-mail correspondence and the exchange of large sums of money: approximately 2,000 dollars per academic paper. Dante then elaborates on the immense amount of effort he puts in to his business, often spending many nights up writing entire thesis papers in one sitting. The work is difficult for him, but business is booming. Dante attributes this explosion in sales to our academic system’s lack of proper education of its students in the art of academic writing. So next time a college professor catches a student plagiarizing, they might need to reconsider who is to blame for the transgression.

Younger Sister

I know academic integrity and cheating have been big issues for students like us recently, so I thought I’d share this interesting article about it with you. In The Shadow Scholar, Ed Dante talks about his work writing papers for students to use as their own work! It is amazing how poor the writing skills of the students who come to Dante are. I could barely tell the language they were writing in! Dante then goes on to describe he makes more money doing this kind of work than most educators make! I couldn’t believe it, can you? Another aspect of his work I couldn’t grasp was the amount of effort he puts in. Dante writes 20 to 40 pages a day! I don’t think I could do that if my life depended on it. Anyways, before reading this article I had no idea things like this existed. Make sure you never get lazy and give up your good values by cheating. It’ll be worth it in the end, I promise.

Twitter Style

 Ed Dante writes papers 4 students, brings home the bacon. Confidence in educational system shattered. #dontcheatfools #66k/year





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