Ed Dante: The College Ghostwriter

To the Deans at Emory:

I am writing to you to inform you of the presence of cheating and plagiarism in today’s education, including college and post graduate school.  I understand there is an intricate honors system at Emory University to deal with cheating, and despite the effort to prevent cheating by informing students of the possible consequences, countless students still cheat.  

Reading “The Shadow Scholar,” by Ed Dante, has motivated me to write this letter.  Ed Dante is simply a cover name, and the article tells his story as a writer who works for a custom-essay company of which many college students around the nation contact to request a written paper.  According to Dante, at certain times of the year, there is an overwhelming demand for written papers that the fiftyish writers at the company cannot satisfy.  Dante has written about countless topics for countless degrees.  He blames the education system for pressuring straight A’s and ignoring struggling students.  He gives examples a few typed requests of which the grammar and spelling looked like a kindergartener’s.  More than 50% of undergraduates in Summer 2009 admitted to cheating (Dante).  Please find a way to revolutionize education, starting with Emory.

An Emory Undergraduate


Dear Sura,

I think I found a career for you since you love to write so much.  This guy Ed Dante writes college students’ essays for a living; he makes $66,000 a year doing it.  Yeah, I read an article he wrote about himself.  Many students are so pressured in college that they won’t even trust their own ability to write a sufficient paper; either that or they are too lazy.  Either way, since you’re a gifted, inspiring writer, you’ll probably be able to write other people’s papers for money in college!  That’s what Dante did, after his teachers neglected his talent.  I sure hope that doesn’t happen to you!  Well do good in school now, I’ll write you again soon.

Anh Nguyen

I’m so glad I’ll have the rest of my college essays taken care of in the future. #eddante #shadowriter


2 thoughts on “Ed Dante: The College Ghostwriter

  1. Nice job with the first summary. You seem to have all your facts about Ed Dante right. In the third line of the 2nd paragraph i feel that instead of the phrase “of which” simply “that” would have been a better fit and more grammatically correct.
    The second summary seems great too. However, his teachers did not “Neglect” his talent. His ‘request’ to have an Individual study around editing the novel he wrote was denied. There is a difference between these two things. Other than that the second one seems pretty good.
    The tweet seems pretty good.


  2. you’ve done a great job with the summaries, specially the first and second. The first is to point and addresses the main reason behind the issues with the education system and also shines a light on ed dante’s works. the second summary it is short and personal and gives all the necessary information from the article about ed dante.
    The their tweet makes it feel like you want to use the shadow scholar’s services? (not that you do) shouldn’t we be addressing a problem in the tweet and not how it would help you.


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