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The first thing I did when I started this project was go through my Facebook page. I went all the way back to 2008 when I first started on Facebook. Although I was never too interested in social media cites, I was in middle school and when you are in middle school, you do what everyone else is doing. So I started my Facebook profile during 7th grade. I was also at that stage in middle school when I thought I was the shit and that I knew everything about anything, which couldn’t have been further from the truth. Most of my posts or pictures, the few that I posted, were fairly immature. Luckily I was smart enough to be born to wise parents that warned me about the dangers of social media cites. For instance, I learned never to post when I was going away on vacation or never to except invitations from random strangers. I also made sure that my profile was very private, that only my friends could view most of my information.  Now most people say that their middle school years were the worst of times, but I loved middle school. Maybe my school was a little different than others, but at my school everyone got along for the most part and there weren’t very many cliques. Although we did have the athletes, which once again, I was smart enough to be born with some athletic ability, allowing me to fit into that crowd. I very much enjoyed my middle school years and enjoyed even more going through them on my Facebook page. Those pictures of us playing flashlight tag in our backyards, which was really an excuse for a guy and a girl to be alone together, since we had partners in flashlight tag and it was always co-ed. Also it was an excuse that we told our parents so that they didn’t think we were snorting crack or doing whatever parents thought we did at that age.

Then I looked though my high school years, which was a little different for me since I went to three different high schools and not because my parents moved different places. I went to different boarding schools for soccer. So my Facebook page throughout these years is filled with different pictures of me playing soccer in numerous places. I also saw different posts on my wall from old friends in Virginia (where my parents were living and where I grew up), posts from new friends that I met at my new schools, and then those birthday posts from random people that you never hear from until your birthday. If you look at my Facebook page now you won’t see very much. I never post anything and most of my stuff is private. What you will see, is a profile picture of me with two of my good friends from high school and then a wallpaper photo (or whatever you call that big photo at the top) of my team and me, right after a scored a goal. Even though I don’t use Facebook very much anymore, it’s a great place to look back on my past, a photo album of my middle and high school years.


2 thoughts on “Facebook Page

  1. Your chronological approach to this post is very effective. It allows readers to follow along on your reminiscent journey from your inception on social media to your current, less frequent use of Facebook. Specifically your discussion of the evolution of your photos reveals your less personally attachment. Again the fact the you bluntly state “I never post anything and most of my stuff is private” reveals your strictly business like use of social networking. I would recommend having a peer review your posts before publishing as there are several grammatical issues that would be resolved by fresh eyes.


  2. I think your idea of going back through your Facebook history to better understand your personal representation is a really good idea. By revisiting previous posts you are able to see how your Facebook representation has changed over time, which is interesting to look at. I think your use of Facebook as a way to revisit old memories is a really good idea, and is one reason I think Facebook is a good social media device to use. I also like that you juxtapose the use of Facebook as a tool for accessing fond memories with the dangers that Facebook poses and how you were able to recognize those dangers and use Facebook for its primary purpose.


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