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Photo posts have gotten really popular on my Facebook pages since I owned my Facebook page three years ago. The only reason I like to post my photo on it is that tangible images seem to catch people’s attention to an extent. It’s not that I desire being in the spotlight, it’s just human nature to showcase what you really want to share. It will turn into a feeling of slight happiness and pleasure when your followers Comment and Like the photo you post, which may result in an icing on the cake to your whole day. I like to take selfie sometimes. As far as my knowledge is concerned, the word “selfie” won last year’s Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year, so I think I won’t be judged by using informal word here.

I like to take selfie but I am not that kind of people who suffer from “selfie addiction”. First, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about plan use of Facebook. Second, I don’t feel an urge to use Facebook whenever my hands are free. Now as selfie craze is affecting more and more people and psychologists say that, for certain people already had psychological disorders, taking selfies may be dangerous, here in this blog I don’t want to discourage people to take selfies, on the contrary, I would like to recommend people take selfie sometimes to appreciate themselves.
Some of my friends don’t take selfies at all because they are not confident of their look. Some people become so focused on minor flaws of their facial appearance that they are relunctant to take selfies either of themselves or of a mixed selfie. There is a very popular youtube video called Dove Real Beauty Sketches in which a forensic artist sketches pictures both according to what the people describe about themselves and what other people describe about them. It turns out that the picture based on what other people say looks more beautiful than the one based on people’s own comments about themselves. Therefore, once people get over the barricade of perceiving the imperfections of themselves and start to be grateful of their natural beauty, they will post their selfies more on Facebook and get more Likes from other people and positive comments, thus appreciating more of themselves. So starting to post selfies on Facebook is the first step towards building confidence. Facebook posts are wonderful way everybody has to connect and re-connect with your followers. Even though I don’t post often these days I still keep up with the latest news of my friends. We spend a lot of times attempting to fix things that aren’t quite right for us and should get rid of the fear of the thoughts from people around us. Try to make your Facebook full of yourself regardless what other people say. You are bold and italic!

One thought on “Facebook Profile

  1. Your approach to the prompt is very pleasant. I appreciate how you began the article talking about your personal history with Facebook, talked about how the ‘selfie’ epidemic is affecting the country as a whole, and closed by with a full circle by applying the idea of the selfie to yourself and to the audience. Also, I appreciate the comic relief when you first brought up the word selfie. By breaking the ice, the informality of the word ‘selfie’ was not a focus of importance. Overall I agree with your article and appreciate the multimedia application when you mentioned the video.


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