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When I first started on Facebook, the ability to use it was given to me as a “Chanukah” present from my parents. I had been watching my brothers use the social media website for years and wanted so badly to be like them. When I was finally granted access, I added anyone and anything I could to my profile. I was friending people’s dogs accounts, liking potato chip brands pages and getting tagged in pictures of cartoon characters just to bulk up my profile. It was clear that I wanted people to see high friend numbers, high activity and high involvement.

Since then, I have strayed away from such habits on Facebook and focus more on other things. For example, as I made my way through my first couple of weeks of college, I was sure to add new friends I was making on Facebook. Though adding friends on social media is not something I often care about, I feel people like my mom and relatives who are also on social media would feel a sense of relief seeing that I was making friends in college and not spending each night alone on my computer. It could show I have 20 friends on Facebook or it can show I have 10,000; it doesn’t matter. The fact that the people I am becoming friends with also have “Emory University Class of 2018” listed on their profile is what matters. 

When it comes to my photos on facebook, you will not see an album dedicated to well edited “selfies” meant to make me seem artistic and attractive or albums with clever titles like “Stay C14SSY Seniors”. I was never into uploading photos to Facebook, however a viewer will find an album dedicated to my recent trip to Poland and Israel. Having said that, those photos are the first album I have posted in 3 years. Most of the recent photographs people will see of me when they go onto my profile are a few from my time on campus so far but mainly from this summer that others have posted and tagged me in. Since I worked at a day camp, my lime green staff shirt is plastered in most if not all of my last 100 tagged photos. I enjoyed the fact that people will know I work at camp since it is such an important thing to me. 

At the end of the day, there is nothing for me to hide on my profile and no one I refrain from seeing my account. There are not pictures of me chugging bottles of alcohol or wearing just my underwear. I am consious of what I post because I know that not only future employers will see it, but most of my family is also on Facebook. While my profile still has on it that I am a fan of Doritos Cool Ranch or I am friends with my neighbor’s dog Sparky, I believe my profile now shows more of an honest representation of who I am rather than when I first joined the site. 



One thought on “Facebook Profile Profile

  1. First, your post made me laugh as I was reading it and when describing yourself I always think that is a good attribute to have in your writing. While I thought it was well written there are a few things I would have changed, the main being more details especially when describing your pictures. I feel like you could have described a couple of the pictures from your recent trip to Poland and Israel. Secondly, in the second paragraph I thought the sentences could have been less choppy. Overall though I thought it was a good description of yourself.


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