Facebook Review

Facebook is a wonderful name for this social networking site. I see my face a lot. Am I a narcissist? I never thought so (still don’t), but some may try to argue that. I have taken quite a journey since I first created my account. I see clear growth from a period of only laughs and theater to a young man who has more interests than just movies, music, and getting dressed up for celebrations. My page is not what most people would call “professional”, however, a genuine atmosphere of who I am is revealed to my many “friends”- who aren’t all my friends.

My profile is public. I share knowing that I would feel comfortable with my grandmother and great grandmother seeing this. Unfortunately, friends will sometimes post things that I do not necessarily feel comfortable being tagged in. In those cases, I generally do a solid job of untagging myself or having the post, picture, or whatever removed. When I share photos or make posts I want everyone, adults and other professionals included, to see. I am not a frivolous person and my history on the internet will back me up. I do not contribute to the immense amounts of “internet vomit” that is out there. Except for the belly laugh videos or links, Facebook has been a way for me to share both exciting and important news.

As an actor, Facebook is invaluable for sharing information about my career. Whether it be upcoming show dates, achievements, or sneak peaks into the rehearsal process, my friends are able to be alongside me and even partake in my experiences. The easiest way for people to find out if I am in a show is on Facebook. I have never looked out from the stage and seen an empty house. Thanks to social media, my supporters have always been there for me. I also love looking back at posts and photos showing quick glimpses into my adventures with cast mates and gleaming insight into my growth as an actor.

Recently my support for Israel has become more pronounced on Facebook. There is considerable controversy surrounding it, but I make it known that I stand with Israel. I show my support through sharing articles and news that would otherwise be ignored by the media or those who are simply not informed. I refrain from ever taking an aggressive tone, in person or on Facebook. When something disturbs me, such as former President Carter’s stance on considering Hamas as a “legitimate ‘political actor’” http://www.algemeiner.com/2014/08/06/jimmy-carter-calls-for-u-s-recognition-of-hamas-as-legitimate-political-actor/, I share it in the hopes that someone else will agree with me or possibly open a dialogue with me. I fundamentally support dialogue. I wish desperately that, through dialogue, issues of all levels of severity could be resolved through simply discussing differences and trying to overcome them by finding similarities.

People see the multifaceted side of me, Cameron Frostbaum. I share and by showing my true colors on Facebook, I strive to leave no questions regarding my loyalties or my passions.


One thought on “Facebook Review

  1. Cameron did a great job by introducing himself as being an actor and using that identity on Facebook. He described variable stuff that could be done on Facebook and answered the questions very well in a chronological matter. He also got deep into the writing by quoting article that shows a lot of effort in this blogging homework. It would be great to see the setbacks or bad side of Facebook instead of praising Facebook all the time.


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