My Facebook History

          My Facebook presence has changed an incredible amount over the years. At first, Facebook was something all the “cool” kids had and I of course, being a typical middle school student, wanted to have a Facebook page immediately. Facebook, when I first got it, was chaotic grouping of middle school students who probably shouldn’t have had access to social media. Everyone I knew was trying to seem either older, hip, attractive or a combination of all three. Cyber bulling was abundant and almost unavoidable even for the most “hip” people. During this time, I posted obligatory statuses and pictures being the typical middle school student I was, mostly complaining about school or talking about video games. Once in a blue moon I posted about my family, but family isn’t cool right? I think I had around 10 posts saying that I was “chillin”. Soon it was time for high school, which seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel for every middle school student, but posts on Facebook became more and more vapid.

            For my underclassmen years of high school, Facebook was a way to show that I went out on the weekends and complain about “First world problems” as my sister calls them. Every day would be a novella of posts trying to make the author seem important. These types of posts followed the same trend, until about junior year. Around junior year is when I started using Facebook the same way I do now. Now, I use Facebook more for its chat feature than anything else. Occasionally a picture of me that someone else posted will show up on my wall, or a slightly funny post about one of my mannerisms. I try not to post much on Facebook anymore, mostly because I don’t feel any need to, even though many members of my generation have the complete opposite opinion. Much of my Facebook usage is mindlessly scrolling through hundreds of vapid pictures telling people where they’ve been, whom they were with, and how much fun they were “having”. Of course, I have been tagged in many of these photos, but I don’t want to contribute by posting my own photos. I always imagine people posting photos like this thinking, “My life is mildly interesting, and you should check it out!” I guess they can’t help themselves with being so self-servient. I do block family friends and my friends’ parents from seeing my Facebook page, but that is purely to avoid awkward conversations about what I’m doing on the weekend. It’s just something I’d like to not worry about, especially since my parents are not getting Facebook anytime in the near future. Eventually, I think I’m going to get off Facebook.

            Even though Facebook is supposed to keep people in touch with their friends no matter where they are living, Facebook makes people less social in general. Instead of using physical effort to make conversation with your friend either over the phone or in person, you can type a simple “sup” on the computer and pretend you’re keeping up with your friend. Facebook allows for us to loose touch with our friends while giving us the impression that we are keeping up with them. It’s already been proven that the longer one spends on Facebook the less happy they will be, so why spend any more time on it?


One thought on “My Facebook History

  1. I think that your post has a great structure overall. It looks at how you’ve used Facebook over the years and how the networking site has a different purpose for you now as compared to when you first started using it. I also noticed that we both had a similar response to the social “rage” that was Facebook. From the unnecessary status updates to the picture uploads, I think you covered ground really well. I would’ve liked to know a little bit more about your decision to join Facebook and the kind of responses you would get to your earlier posts. Moreover, what were the upperclassmen posting on Facebook and how were they making use of the site?

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