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Facebook isn’t an integral part of my life. I made an account when I was 13 and used it much more frequently back then than I do now. Yes, I was once of those annoying teenagers who loved to tlk lyk dis and post statuses about every single event in my day. If i go back and “stalk” myself, I will be definitely be confronted by embarrassing and awkward photos that I could take off, but I choose not to because they reflect an important transitional phase in my life. I want to be able to go back and see which friends stuck by me and how I’ve evolved over the years. Facebook for me is literally a “timeline” and a way to stay connected in a world that is growing increasingly larger. I’m far from my home in India and all my closest friends are now scattered around the globe. I may not get the chance to speak to them as often as I would like to, but through Facebook we can continue to be a part of each others’ lives even if its just looking at pictures of our respective colleges. 

I use Facebook on so many different levels. I remember campaigning for my high school’s student government elections through social media, making fun of my classmates as they did the ice bucket challenge and walking down memory lane with our annual dance parties. Facebook doesn’t only reflect me, but the people that I like to surround myself with. We all have way more Facebook friends than people that we actually form true friendships with, but though it might be superficial, I want the world to see how supportive and interesting my family and friends are. 

When I look at somebody’s Facebook page, I am painfully aware that the information posted is carefully picked out so that the world can see who we want it to think we are. I’m sure that the majority of social networkers are like me and would not post pictures or statuses that will not be received well by everybody. According to me, that doesn’t make me timid or insecure but just aware that I should watch my words in a public forum so as to not harm any others. At the same time, Facebook is a platform that I would use to spread awareness about causes that I am passionate about.

Facebook to me is a way to get aquatinted with a person without meeting them. Facebook won’t give you much information about me, but just the major aspects of my life that contribute to the person I am. Facebook transports me through time and to different places. Despite the fact that I am not a regular Facebook-er apart from occasional posts, likes and comments; it has become a way of staying connected that no other network has been able to replace.


One thought on “My Facebook Profile

  1. Sakshi,
    I really appreciated the insights you offered in this blog post. It made me realize that how a person chooses to use social media can say a lot about them. Unlike you, I chose to delete many of my embarrassing pictures because I was too worried about people judging me. Just by choosing not to, I can tell that you are self-assured and confident. In terms of improving your blog post, I only have a few suggestions. In the second paragraph, you mention that you want your Facebook viewers to see how supportive and interesting your family and friends are, but you don’t specify through which means (your photos, what they post on your wall etc.). The only other suggestion I have is to relate the last sentence in the third paragraph to the rest of the paragraph. Great job, I really enjoyed reading your post!


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