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I discovered Facebook back in 2008 when I was just a regular student in school. Back then, all Facebook was useful for was playing games, stalking other high school kids in your class, seeing who they’re friends with and stalking them as well. No, I did not do that; I’ve just seen others do it a lot. Facebook however, did help me understand others in my class better. Facebook allowed me to see who people can be on the web and who they are in person. Many-a-times people can have two completely different identities in person and on the web in terms of talking and portraying themselves.

It was not until I reached my senior year that I saw Facebook as a useful resource to connect with new people, go for events and make or be a part of pages concerning music or even societal issues like poverty reduction, community service, Global Warming etc. In my senior year I used Facebook as a platform to post most of my Music videos with my band along with solo drum covers. The advertising of my music is what made me connect with new people, out of my school. Other musicians from Delhi saw our band’s compositions and eventually reached out to us for possible jam sessions. Regular Jam sessions with musicians coming from diverse music backgrounds eventually put an idea for an amazing Facebook page in my mind.

I thought of starting a page named House of Jam and Composition on Facebook and invited other musicians in my city, New Delhi, India to join it. On this page people could share music, self composed lyrics, original and covered instrumental pieces and whoever felt interested in helping someone else to compose a piece could form a band/group and compose it.

My socializing experience with Facebook had just begun with this page and soon after this came the time when I finally got accepted into Emory University and joined the Class of 2018 group on Facebook. The group introduced me to so many new faces from across the world that I was able to connect with and share similar interests. When I now walk on campus I see people who I’ve already been talking to over the summer making it so much easier to be friends.

Not only has Facebook has helped me with a smooth social transition into college, But also it has made me more confident and aware of interesting activities going around me. I have been able to record my life and thoughts back from 2008 to 2014 and seen how much I have come out of my shell and networked with really interesting people with diverse personalities. Today, Facebook is an important reason for me liking diversity.


2 thoughts on “My Facebook Profile

  1. Their* in line 3.
    Sentence structure and grammar looks pretty good in entirety.
    What do you mean, “regular student” in line 1; I thought it was unnecessary or unclear, leaving a reader dwelling on the connotation. Your introduction gives nice background story, but it doesn’t quite focus on how your facebook represents you, which should be the main idea of your blog. Your second and third paragraph are in good line with the prompt, but towards the end, you talked plenty about what facebook did for you, not necessarily how your facebook represents you. I think you should be conscious of the prompt and build your entire blog around it. This is just my take, but good job nevertheless.


    • Thankyou for the review. In the third line they’re means “they are” as in “who they are friends with”, sorry for the ambiguity. I agree on how i’ve mostly focused on what facebook has done for me rather than how it represents me though. I’ll try to focus more on the main point. But in a way what it has done for me is how it represents me too. I am a musician trying to discover and make innovative music. I also am really open to meeting new people. But yes, that needs to be made clearer. Thanks for making that clear!


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