The Shadow Scholar Summary : Addressed to a teenager

in my English class, I read an article by a person called Ed Dante, that will probably get your hopes high for cheating. He has managed to write papers in fields like Business Administration, Sociology, Medicine and many others. People who use his services have never been caught till date. His business is blooming even during recession as he completes assignments for ESL, rich and lazy college students.

You’re probably feeling really happy knowing about his services. I know this because at first, I was happy too.

Reading the article further I learned that Dante went to a college in a poor neighborhood and his roommate’s laptop was what he used for his writing. Despite of the limited resources he had after paying for his tuition, he was determined towards writing and managed to finish an entire novel. People in his college learned about his writing skills and were willing to pay him to complete their assignments too. This eventually led him to create the blooming business he has today even during recession and he didn’t use cheating as tool to reach there. The deeper meaning I picked from this article was that determination pays off in its own unique way.


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