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I remember when I first got my Facebook. I was in a hotel room somewhere during a tennis tournament and on a whim decided to get one out of boredom. Being the oldest child in my household, my parents didn’t really understand how it worked. However, both of my parents are lawyers and warned me many times of the negative effects social media can have on your future by telling me stories of people not getting jobs or into the college of their choice, or even being fired because of their social media page.

Going back through my posts, I realize that I used to be a lot more open on my Facebook. For example, if you go back to when I first got my Facebook four years ago, you’ll find a lot of weird posts about what I was doing and who I was with along with some pathetic ones about guys. Looking at some of the older posts now is like taking a walk down memory lane. It’s interesting seeing who I was friends with back then, who posted on my wall all the time, who I’m in pictures with and what an annoying middle school kid I was.

If you didn’t know me and began stalking my Facebook, starting from the very first post I ever made, the only thing you would really learn is that I play tennis, sang in talent shows in high school, hang out with my friends a lot, usually at a bonfire somewhere, and was really into posting every single thought I had in middle school. Then if you looked through my pictures you would realize that I don’t upload many, in fact my friends posted the majority of the photos on my page.

There is also a noticeable drop off in posts from my freshman year. I think at that point I became much more private and resistant to sharing everything online, so much that I’ve posted less than five times in the past year.

All of my posts are open to all of my friends and so one of my personal rules for Facebook is that if I don’t want my grandmother to know about it or if I don’t want to talk about it in person to people, then I shouldn’t post it. I have also learned never to post when I’m in an extreme emotion, like really happy, upset, angry, or sad, because whatever it is I want to post, I usually regret later on.

I honestly don’t think about what I want people to see on my Facebook or what I want them to know, just that I never want to have to explain something because it could be seen as inappropriate. One of the most important things to me is that I don’t want someone to see my Facebook and find out too much about me, just the basics like the different sports I play, that I sang throughout school, actually attend to school, that kind of stuff.

In general, Facebook for me is boring and not that interesting, just a way to keep in touch with people, which is why I don’t use it as much anymore.


One thought on “Facebook Profile

  1. Anna,
    I like your work overall, but if you change a couple structural things, it will be a lot better. You did a great job at describing your profile, which was technically what we were supposed to do, but I felt like you missed out on a couple opportunities to describe why your Facebook looks the way it does. Ideally the reader would read the post and engage with the though process behind everything, and by doing so, begin to get a better understanding of the motivations behind your Facebook profile. It would also add another level of complexity to the piece, further engaging the reader.
    At times it seemed a little retrospective. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it made the writing a little still. It was almost too concrete. I would have loved to see a comparison between your old photos and new photos, so we can document that change, but instead, we just learned about photos on your profile. It doesn’t necessarily have to argue anything, but it should invite the reader to engage with the piece.
    Overall, it is a very good post, and these suggestions are more nit-picky than anything else. But I think if you try to add another dimension or two to your post, it will only enhance the reader’s experience.


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