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Facebook Profile:

            Facebook, the social networking site that everyone talks about, and on which everyone has an ID. I started using Facebook around 6 years ago and I wasn’t one of the first few. I took my time to get started on this social networking site. I let my friends join first and then understand what I would be getting myself into. Now that I have successfully been using Facebook for the past six years, there are many things that I have learnt to do and not.

            The first time I started my Facebook account I lied about my age cause I thought I had to look more mature and old to be a user on Facebook, however I wasn’t the only one who thought that way. Every time there was a birthday on Facebook I would see one of my friends turn older than he actually is which showed that he was being someone else on Facebook than who he actually is. That’s when I realized that even I shouldn’t portray myself as myself but in fact try to be diplomatic and different. Because on a public social network exposing too much of who you really are may be a bit of an issue because of stalkers and people who could use your information against you.

            About restrictions and privacy to my life, I already know the type of people that I have on my Facebook account, so I know how to show myself and what information to put up and what to censor. Till date I have never managed my privacy setting to the T because I have never needed to. I never post anything so personal to my life that I want only a few people to see it. Even the things that I post I have to think about it cause I know that there are more people who will be reading and seeing the things that I post; so I tell myself “Be careful about you put up” otherwise people can make fun of me and tease me on my posts. From my profile pictures to my posts if I revisit all of these things of mine I will want to delete my account.

            Going back in time when I was young and stupid and always wanted to comment on people’s post and pictures, seeing those same things now make me want to laugh at myself. Even the things I posted I wouldn’t mind if my uncle, dad, mom or relatives saw it because they know me as a person and if they would find something different online, they would understand the reason for doing so.

            Facebook wouldn’t tell the world that I am as a person but would however show them important parts and milestones about my life that I would find important to share with my friends and the world. Some people may hate Facebook as they feel it invades their privacy and some people may love it to know what’s happening in everyone’s lives. I like it not because I see what everyone else is doing but because it’s a way in which I can keep in touch with my friends and family anywhere in the world and share with them anything that I need. Anybody who becomes my friend now would know just enough about my life.


One thought on “Facebook Profile

  1. I think this is a great take on what Facebook is all about. If I’m getting this right, you’re essentially saying that not only does your Facebook not tell the world all about you, but that it shouldn’t. The idea that Facebook isn’t for everything is very clever, and it’s something that a lot of people could probably stand to learn from.

    You seem to be exceedingly cautious with what you post, so reading through this, I also wondered if you’ve had personal experience with someone (you or someone you know) posting something a little too ‘personal’ and getting into some kind of trouble.

    Interesting to read overall!


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