My Facebook Profile Profile

Facebook is a place where you can show the world how you want to see yourself and how you want others to see you. It literally lets you be anyone you want. How you present yourself on it can tell people everything, or tell them nothing. Through your status updates, likes, pictures, “about” information, and so much more the world can know who anyone is with the click of a button. Going through my Facebook profile you will see me in different stages of my life. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom to 2009 when I first made my Facebook you will see me, pre-braces, posing with all my camp friends in our Shabbat outfits. Not going to lie my first album is a little embarrassing. I don’t even know why it is still up there since I have the power to delete it, I guess it just shows who I was before and how different I am now.

 Facebook is all about appearances. You change the settings to show certain people what to see and what not to see. On my profile I don’t really block people from seeing things but I make sure that the only people who can see my personal information is people I’m friends with. Friends of friends can see my general profile and pictures and randoms can only see my profile picture and name. When others look at my profile they can learn a lot about me. They will see that I have brownish-blondish hair, am short but wear heels to seem taller, dress very preppy, and have a lot of friends. They can look at the pages I “like” and see that I’m a fan of Vineyard Vines and J. Crew as well as Country Music, and from when I was in 7th grade Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers. They will see that I went to Hathaway Brown School and graduated in 2014. They will see that I went to Beber Camp and worked at University School Day Camp and have a slight obsession with Pure Barre. They can look through all my pictures and see that I like to have fun and go out and if they look even further back they will see that I’ve basically had the same friends my entire life.

 You can tell so much about a person from their social media presence. My only status update in the last two years was “Emory University Class of 2018”. I’m not one of those people who talks about their everyday life and random things that happen to them, that’s what Twitter is for. I think that Facebook is personal without being too personal. I like how all my friends don’t post random annoying statuses or share their deepest secrets but I know people who do and I tend to hate them. For me, Facebook is about pictures and sharing them with the world. It helps you stay in touch with everyone through pictures. You can see what people are up to and whom they are friends with. I love finding people I used to be friends with and seeing where their lives have gone. I think that is the cool thing about Facebook. It lets you be whoever you want, post whatever you want, and share yourself with the world in the process of helping you find old friends. Overall I love how my profile portrays me and I wouldn’t change it.


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