My Facebook Profile Profile

My social media presence is very lackluster. The only form of social media that I currently use is Facebook. I began using Facebook in 2009, during the formative years of the site. I made the account due to peer pressure – it was the most popular form of communication among teenagers and my crush was an avid user. Also, as someone with had a highly limited texting plan, I thought it was a no-brainer. However, then and now, I only use it as a way to communicate with friends who I no longer see on day-to-day basis.

I rarely make statuses or say what’s is really on my mind, except if the Philadelphia Eagles are playing. When the Eagles are playing, I will not filter my opinions on the game. My statuses on the Eagles range from pleased with their play, or pissed because they aren’t listening to what I say (but what do I know, I suppose). Aside from the Eagles games, there have been times in which I have felt like voicing my ideas pertaining to something I watched, read,3 or learned, and Facebook was an option to let friends know what I was thinking.  However, I refrain from making these statuses. I don’t feel like Facebook is the right medium in which I want to present my ideas, probably because I would rather talk to someone in person about. Posting ideas has a way of undermining those ideas, due to the swarm of apathetic viewers.

If I had to compare my social media presence to my real-life presence, I’d say they are fairly similar in that they are both fairly reserved. I don’t typically voice my thoughts to too many people in life or on Facebook. I don’t take too many pictures in person, nor do I post pictures on Facebook. There is not much to my Facebook. Due to the fact that information is out to the public, I do restrict who sees what is posted on my profile. I don’t want people such as family and family friends to see everything I do. However, this is not the reason why I am not an avid user. I guess Facebook doesn’t do it for me in terms of a medium to talk about issues, other than the Eagles games.

One thought on “My Facebook Profile Profile

  1. The author gave a very detailed introduction of why he created his Facebook account and also explained how often he uses it. The introductory paragraph moderately attracts the readers; the first sentence could have used a little more to grasp the readers’ attention. Throughout the easy, the author gave a meticulous description of who he is with references to his favorite sports team, his lackluster use of social networks, and his view on profile privacy. From the essay, readers can infer that the author doesn’t like many people being able to view what goes on in his life, due to the author saying, “I don’t want people such as family and family friends to see everything I do”.

    Although the paper contains some typos and an excessive use of introductory phrases, the author wrote according to the topic and followed the writing prompt’s directions.


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