A letter to my 13-year-old cousin

Dear Sarah,

How are you these days and are you excited about junior high? I really miss you.

Recently I have been reading an article that I think is interesting. The author discusses cheating. And I think this article might be useful since you will have to pay close attention to your words when doing writing assignments in junior high school. And briefly, please remember one thing, NEVER CHEAT.

The author Ed Dante makes money by writing papers for cheating students. He becomes whomever the clients expect him to be. During work time, his emotions and opinions depend wholly on detailed requirements. You might think it’s kind of cool to have a person like this writing your papers, but actually it’s awful. First of all, how can you trust this person? He is used to lies. He claims to be professional and intelligent to gain your trust, while you don’t really know whom he is. And according to his own words, the reason why he writes so many pages in an hour is that he simply searches on the Internet and then pulls the results together. He even establishes a formula of writing so that by only adding a few words into a fixed template he creates a ‘new’ work. Think about this; What if two students in the same class hired the same agent? And what if the agent forgot to cite when he was busy cutting and pasting in front of computer? I guess you realize how dangerous it is to cheat now.

And why cheat after all? You pay to receive education and training. And if you cheat, you are not only taking risks of being caught and punished but also giving up your original goal. So while I congratulate you for graduating from elementary school, I sincerely wish that you remember why you decide to enter junior high. Best wishes!




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