Main ideas of The shadow Scholar and It’s Not Plagiarism

Dear Mr. Dean,

I am a current student of our university. Recently I have been reading an article on The Chronicle which, though somehow irritating, is thought-provoking. And I am very eager to share and communicate the author’s ideas with you. Ed Dante is actually a ‘professional writer’ in real life, who makes money by writing students’ assignment papers. He is well aware of what he is doing and also realizes the wrong nature of his job. But he is simultaneously proud and satisfied of his works. His tone sounds innocent because for him, the initiator of cheating is, instead of people like himself, the deficient and relentless education system. He seems to reach a sense of achievement by bragging about his capacity and proficiency in writing in contrast to students’ ineptitude and instructors’ lack of insights. According to him, the purpose of writing this paper is to trigger a discussion ‘about why students cheat in the first place’. (Line 15-16, Page 3, the Shadow Scholar, The Chronicle Review)


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