My Facebook Profile

Harry Stone

Dr. Claire Laville

English 101-004

6 September 2014

My Facebook Representation

             Although I have a Facebook, I am a very inactive user. I almost never make any posts or add any photos, and the majority of my Facebook profile is a compilation of photos and posts my friends and family have tagged me in. The majority of my photos are ones of me and my assorted debate teammates and classmates at debate tournaments and class trips respectively, that other people on the trips added and tagged me in. I made very few posts, and the ones I made primarily consist of silly comments about my daily activities when I was in 7th grade, that I recently deleted. I do, however, enjoy liking other people’s posts and occasionally commenting on them. I think the best aspect of Facebook is one’s ability to keep up to date with people one doesn’t interact with on a day-to-day basis. As of now, I really enjoy using Facebook to keep up to date with my friends from high school who are now in college, as well as to learn about the assorted happenings in my high school. Because of Facebook, although I don’t get to interact with a lot of my friends in person, I am still able to get updates on what they are up to and learn about news that I otherwise would not normally hear. Because of my lack of Facebook activity I primarily use Facebook as a sort of news source.

             Based on the pictures posted of me, and the comments that I make, I suppose I am represented as more of a joker than anything else. In the majority of the pictures posted of me I have a silly facial expression and they are normally pictures of me with a larger group of people at dinner or at the beach or another activity along those lines. Most of my comments are comical responses to other people’s posts or pictures. I try to never get involved in any sort of Facebook argument or conversation that is in the comment feeds, or on someone else’s wall because I don’t want to represent myself in any sort of way, or take a stance on something that doesn’t involve all of the other people that can see the conversations, which is the reason for my lack of Facebook activity in general. I don’t want to appear opinionated or get in any sort of confrontational argument with someone on Facebook simply due to a silly post, so I instead just enjoy reading the conversations and arguments of others who chose to make their conversations more public. I believe this policy is a safer one for me and prevents me from getting myself in trouble and allows me to still enjoy many of the other aspects Facebook has to offer. I believe Facebook should be used as more of a tool for news and communication than a forum for discussion, which it seems to slowly be turning into. I think Facebook has a lot to offer, but many of its benefits are squandered by senseless posts and comments that other people make to either start an argument or sometimes just to show off via esoteric conversations and posts.

One thought on “My Facebook Profile

  1. I completely agree with your idea that the best aspect of Facebook is being able to keep up with people that you don’t see on a day-to-day basis. I know I certainly use Facebook as a way to see what old friends are doing. Another remark that you made, which I also enjoy to do, is watching fights on the internet. I think it’s very smart to not get involved in them, instead, be a viewer of the entertainment. You did a good job with the descriptive detail about your Facebook page. Gave me good insight into what you do on Facebook.


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