Summary of The Shadow Scholar and It’s Not Plagiarism

Recently I read an article from The Chronicle. And here is a brief summary of the ideas.

In the article, Ed Dante mainly talks about his job as a ‘shadow scholar’, who helps students cheat. He is totally aware that his work does not conform to shared values, but he still sounds arrogant and vaunting. According to his words, he appears to be smart and very efficient, finishing countless pages during limited hours. However, his clients are described to be deficient and ignorant. He is proficient in writing for students: he even possesses an invariable procedure for writing papers about different fields. Basically, when he works, he is everyone but himself. He creates emotions and opinions required and expected by his clients. But there is one thing that’s worth attention. Ed Dante states that the main purpose of these paragraphs is to trigger discussions about education system and why people cheat after all. Perhaps one of the reasons why he denies and satirizes current colleges is that his novel was dismissed by his university’s English department. And now he feels satisfied utilizing his writing skills, which was once despised, to fight against colleges, or to him, the world in which creativity is neglected.



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