Social Media Language Studies

My Facebook is a private place for myself and my friends and family, but personally I would have no problem letting my profile being used anonymously for data-mining purposes. I think my profile would be a good fit for any sort of research project, as almost everything I have on my profile is pretty stereotypical to what an 18-year-old female would have on their profile. While I have not heard of any other instances of anonymous social media data mining, I have participated in anonymous studies in the past; such as an aerobic athletes heart study. In the previous social media study, which was the only one I have seen before, I was particularly surprised at the vulgarity of many of the most common words used by people. But while I was surprised by it initially, after thinking it through many of the correlations seemed to make sense. Older teen and younger adult men used many of the same words; the same words that I hear them speak when I am person to person with them. And the same goes for many young adult females as well, so I do agree with all the correlations that were drawn from this study.

 If the scientists were to improve this study at all, I think that race/ethnicity would have been a good factor to add to the mix. Different races and different ethnicities many times have an assortment of jargon that they use, and knowing this may have helped add a more accurate outline of the words picked out during the study. By simply asking people to identify their race, the study could have been improved. When doing this, you also would be able to get a feel for what words are used most commonly among different races. After reading the article, I began to think back on many of my past Facebook statuses, and I noticed how much regional dialect I used in my posts. And after further comparing with many of Facebook friends of similar age and gender, I noticed that we all have posts of similar content, only further confirming the study that was performed.


One thought on “Social Media Language Studies

  1. I really like your writing style here. Rather than being personal it is really nice how you made the post so professional sounding. I also like how you split the two “topics” into tow different paragraphs. The first you talk more about yourself and how if you were in a study you would fit well with other people your age whereas in the second you talk more about ways to improve studies like this. I completely agree with both points you make. If I were to participate in a word study I would have the exact same results as you and any other 18-year old girl. I also agree with the changes you would make to the study. Race and Ethnicity are two really important factors to take into consideration. I definitely think that the words males and females of different races will differ from those of our race. Perhaps the vulgarity males use would change or the words females use could differ. Overall I think you make some really good points and your writing style fit perfectly to the topic.


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