How to Stop Dante

In Dante’s The Shadow Scholar, the realm of cheating in higher education is revealed. If I were in fact a college professor being scammed by Dante or someone similar to him, I would probably not be extremely surprised. Students being cheating in grade school and get addicted. Psychologically, children and adolescents, and even adults, to an extent get a rush from lying and scheming. According to Psychology Today’s article Why Adolescents Cheat in School and What to do, cheating gives students “rebellious power,” allowing them to beat the system, which is a goal of many adolescents. Perhaps there are ways to stop cheating, but it is unlikely that there will be a way to manipulate adolescents into not yearning for this “rebellious power.” While I said I would not be all that surprised that cheating occurs in higher education, I would nevertheless be quite disappointed. Primarily, as a professor, I would be insulted that students taking my class would be so uninterested and lazy in regards to a topic that I care enough to teach them about, that they would resort to brushing the work off on someone else. What makes this even more heart wrenching is the fact that college students, the majority of who have insufficient funds, would pay someone like Dante to do their work. I would also be somewhat confused as to why someone as capable and intelligent as Dante would be “wasting” his time writing papers for students, when he himself could be earning an impressive degree.


If I teaching an English class and became aware of this nearly catastrophic process Dante endorses, I would most defiantly change some of my policies. For starters I would strongly consider making more in class writing assignments, short hand and thought provoking. This would prevent students from being able to reach out to sources such as Dante to complete their work for them. It would also force students to actually do assigned readings and research if they want to succeed in these surprise prompts. Another aspect of my class that I would change is in the event of a longer paper, I would require students to send in their paper piece by piece as they write it. More specifically, I would have the first paragraph of the essay due at one class, grade this section, and so on; and after each “paragraph” or section of the essay has been completed I would return them to the student and have them put all the pieces together. Granted this will not solve all aspects of cheating, but it does create more work for the student, require more effort and thought, and could deter someone like Dante from wanting the added guidelines.



One thought on “How to Stop Dante

  1. I really liked how you brought in an outside article and quotes to help make your article more powerful. However, there were definitely a few typos which almost hindered comprehension. I thought you had some great ideas regarding how to curb the cheating and you presented them in a logical manner. However, I believe in the end you don’t solve the fundamental problem with your solutions


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