Professors Reaction to Dante

As a professor just now finding out that for years my students have been buying their papers I am appalled. I wonder if my class really was so difficult that students could not do their own work. Did I not explain the assignments well enough? Did I not provide enough time for the students to complete it? Were my office hours at bad times? So many questions would arise in my head. After thinking about all the questions I had and tirelessly reviewed my teaching I begin to think about Ed Dante. This man, clearly a scholar, is using his brain and expertise to help students cheat. Dante could put his power to good and be a teacher or write real books or do something more with his life than make professors look like fools. Myself, as well as i’m sure many other professors are in disgust that a man would do this for a living. Education put to waste. It makes no sense to me why he would even chose to help students. It is against almost every school’s honor code, his alma matter included, and it against many moral conduct codes as well.

Taking the focus off of myself and Dante I would now put a magnifying glass on my students. Should I explicitly enforce and constantly restate the honor code? Should I more carefully read papers to check for plagiarism? How does one really tell if a paper was written by the “claimed writer”. Almost all the papers I receive are well written, I cannot think in the past of a student who showed no promise in the classroom yet wrote so eloquently. Some students I never got to know so I just assumed they were shy but wrote well. Did they really just pay others to write there papers? There is really no way to know or tell. People have always found ways to cheat and not do their own work. Until now unless blatantly plagiarized no one really could tell if work was honest or not. This article should make students think. Personally I think there is no way to stop this cheated because if Dante had been working in this field for so long without ever getting caught clearly there are ways around the honor system. I am disgusted at the work that this man does and I hope others are as well and are now more aware of it.


One thought on “Professors Reaction to Dante

  1. I really like the approach you took on this blog post when you spread the blame around to three different groups of people. Reading your blog really made me think more about the situation as well as to wether who is actually responsible for this mass cheating scandal. I never thought about the fact that Dante should put intelligence to better use, but I totally agree. The rhetorical questions that you use really make your readers reevaluate any thoughts that they previously have and I really enjoyed that about your blog. Overall, I think your blog was very insightful and thought provoking.


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