Uncreative Writing Pros and Cons

Kenneth Goldsmith’s article called “Uncreative Writing” is sure to create reactions.  There were most likely ranges of reactions from ranges of people.  If I were a professor reading this article, I would have mixed feelings. On one side of the argument, Goldsmith has a point. Although the students have to be unoriginal, they are creating their most original piece yet. What one chooses to put in his paper speaks much about him. It takes a certain type of skill to repurpose a paper for a new topic.

This being said, plagiarizing should not be aloud in every paper. On some papers students should be able to take past texts and use them in a way that will benefit the paper.  However, it should not be fully other people’s texts. Students should mix original thought with other texts. This is the best of both worlds. They take previous works, and they repurpose them. During repurposing them, they also improve the paper. If I was a professor, I would use some of Goldsmith’s methods, and I would use some methods of my own.


One thought on “Uncreative Writing Pros and Cons

  1. To quickly summarize what you said: you said that Goldsmith’s article likely elicited a variety of reactions, you have acknowledged the truth in some of what Goldsmith says, then you propose that students should mix both their own ideas with the ideas of old texts. In my opinion, I think it would benefit the reader if you explained why you think that your proposal of both original and unoriginal text is the best solution. Another note of mine is at the beginning of the essay you talk about other people’s reactions and then switch for the rest of the essay to your own reaction and solution. I think it might be beneficial to either include more on the probable reaction of other teachers, or just eliminate those first two sentences.

    I also think the ideas of your paper might be better communicated if you fix some minor grammar issues and use more specific word choice. For example, you have missing parallelism in the fourth sentence of the second paragraph. In the first paragraph you say, “what one chooses” followed by the pronouns his and him. I think “ranges of reactions from ranges of people” could be improved by more specific word choice. In the last paragraph maybe restate what your methods were rather than saying “methods of my own.” Your use of repurpose in the paper was confusing to me because you use it to mean the thoughtfully plagiarizing in the first sentence, but then again to describe combining original thoughts with old text. Overall, I really like your idea to integrate original thoughts with old text and I thought you had great ideas. Just tighten up a few minor things and this will be an awesome essay.


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