Professors Reaction to Ed Dante

Exams helps to measure learning.As a professor, I feel we have good education method.The problem is not with the system but with these so called lazy rich kids or lack of learners who takes into plagiarism/cheating.Because of these few exceptional  kids we cannot shake our entire education system.Instead if the student by himself does his work as a result he will be well versed and will be an achiever in life on his own merits.We, faculty have learnt in the same system and are now professors at high levels.We have not used this means of customized essay system.I agree with the fact that exams are frightening and exhausting, but we have to provide grades to make room for improvement.The grading system should not prevent one from learning but make one work hard , only if one has the keenness for learning one will eventually make effort to do well.But the education has now become all about “money and job getting”.

Personally I would ignore this allegation that author,Ed Dante,blames the professors at a lower levels, this would sum up to a blame game at every level and the problem will not get fixed but worsen.I donot say we should have a rigid system of education but should be welcoming to ideas and changes to improve our working methods in a quality way.Assignments could be short instead of being lengthy,to see the essence of the matter and skill.But I staunchly oppose that these outside sources of help are the ones who make our students,who are the future of this world, weak and incapable of doing what they can  do, just to fill their pockets.It is them who have to stop corrupting the system and not us


2 thoughts on “Professors Reaction to Ed Dante

  1. Overall I agree with your first paragraph. Like you, I believe that the education system is flawed, but there is no other way to go about it. We have chosen a method that is the ‘best of the worst’. However, you cannot be quick to assume to only lazy rich kids and ‘lack of learners’ cheat, for that is not true. Cheating is prevalent in all institutions among all students of varying socioeconomic backgrounds. Also, I would not “ignore” the Ed Dante’s allegation as you have on your second paragraph. If you don’t agree, you should refute with an argument and prove to the audience why he is wrong.


  2. A quick note on mechanics: Make sure you insert a space after each period (.) and comma (,).

    While I’m sure most of us would like to believe that anyone who works hard will be rewarded, that’s not the case most of the time. Many hard-working, competent people get trapped in cycles of poverty, and many successful people came to their positions as a result of privilege or sheer luck. The number of Dante’s clients who made it into high-prestige programs attests to that.


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