The Telephone Industry

The usage of telephones have dramatically changed since Alexander Graham Bell invented it in 1876. Throughout the years more and more information has been put into smaller and smaller phones and the amount of time we use our phones has increased. Some people say that we use our phones in an inappropriate manner but everyone is learning what the right and wrong way to communicate with people of all ages and hopefully one day we will figure it out. From the days of using a party line to the days of being able to communicate with anyone in the world, people have had to learn the proper ways to use it.

How are we supposed to learn how we are expected to act around new technology if we are never taught? Before these recent times, the telephone was used only for phone calls when absolutely necessary; bills were higher and there were only so many phones for people to have in their homes. While some people think that it is a waste of time to talk on the phone for hours, sometimes it is good just to catch up with friends. There are so many benefits to having a phone and now we, as a society, need to figure out telephone manners.

Parents who grew up without cell phones have a much stricter policy when it comes to using a phone. For instance, most families have a rule of no phones at the dinner table, which I believe is a great idea. I know that when sitting at dinner with friends for a special occasion which makes it much less special when no one is communicating with each other. Recently my friends and I have made the deal that we put our phones on the table and whoever grabs for it first is the one who must pay.

It is things like this that are teaching us the right and wrong ways to deal with the changes in the usage of the home phone and cell phone. Because of generational differences there is still no ‘correct’ way to behave on or with a phone but we must find a middle ground to communicate by just as Jan and Brad had to find a common ground using their party line in Pillow Talk. Today, there are other issues involving the phone but through teaching each other the proper ways to communicate and use the phone.

One thought on “The Telephone Industry

  1. I thought that this was a really well written, cohesive blog post. There are a fews minor mistakes in some parts that you can fix though. For example, in the 3rd sentence in the first paragraph, it is not a complete thought. First sentence of the second paragraph should end in a question mark. Also in the last paragraph I think you meant to say “there is no correct way” instead of “there is not correct way”. Other then that, nice job!


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