“Pillow Talk” and the theme of Pregnancy

Throughout the movie the Pillow Talk, the theme of pregnancy shows up multiple times throughout the movie. The movie is often uses pregnancy in comedic terms most of the time providing a laugh. However, if we look closer at the scenes we can see how society viewed pregnancy and the gender stereotypes. The first time we see pregnancy mentioned is at Jan’s meeting with Telephone Company and the other time is when we see Brad go into the gynecologist’s office accidentally to get away from Jan. Both of these examples can help illustrate gender roles and how pregnancy was viewed by society.

After having issues with Brad over the party line, Jan goes to meet with telephone company in an attempt to get her own line. When she is told there is a waiting list, she asks if there is anything she could do. The only way to get to a line any faster is if she was pregnant. This right away speaks to about how society viewed women and pregnancies. First, this shows that pregnant women are seen as an important asset. The fact that she is pregnant makes her more valuable to the society. It also shows that they are seen as weak and in need, especially if she is single. If a woman is single she doesn’t have a man to protect her.

The other time we see pregnancy in the movie is when Brad goes to the gynecologist’s office. He walks in asks to make an appointment for himself not realizing it’s a gynecologist’s office. The nurse, who is also played by a woman, quickly notifies the doctor, who is a man, and they quickly go to try and study Brad. This quickly sparks fascination from the doctor who wants to study this phenomenon. I think it also acts almost as a turning point for the movie. It symbols a change in luck for Brad. He goes from this tough macho misogynistic man to a man who has now fallen in love and gone soft over a women. In a comedic way he is now seen as less manly and more of a women cause of the idea he is pregnant.

In the movie Pillow Talk, the theme of pregnancy comes up several times throughout the movie. The writer probably used these themes to show the difference about how men and women are treated differently. The movie shows how society believes that pregnant women are more valuable and frail than regular people and how childbearing is seen as very feminine.


One thought on ““Pillow Talk” and the theme of Pregnancy

  1. I really like how you related pregnancy to gender stereotypes. Personally, I had never thought about how genders are prominent in social situations regarding pregnancy. My one critic would be that your opening and your closing are very, very similar. I think it would have been a good idea to further explain your claims rather than being repetitive.


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