Pregnancy in Pillow Talk

The movie Pillow Talk is set during the 1950’s, a time of clearly defined gender roles and the fascination with in-home telephones. Throughout this romantic comedy, viewers are bound to see numerous references to many stereotypes such as an overly emotional woman, a young male narcissist, and most commonly pregnancy. The idea of pregnancy as such a prevalent event in a woman’s life is seen rather early on in Pillow Talk when all Jonathan Forbes talks about is nothing but finding a good woman for him to marry and start a family with. The importance of the role that pregnancy takes on in the film is exemplified by both males and females, as Jan Morrow, a single woman also talks about her interest in marrying and starting a family. Impregnation is more than just an idea though, as we see a gynecologist’s office pictured in the movie on multiple occasions, as well as Brad accidentally running into that office as a comic relief. The filmmakers take an even more physical side to the idea when in the final scene of the movie Jan actually becomes pregnant.

Stereotypical gender roles were at their height during the era of the 1950’s, and Pillow Talk is the epitome of those gender roles. Both the character and the screenwriters encourage gender roles, which adds even more exemplification to the idea. Though possibly offensive, the stereotypes depicted in the film are essential to the climax of the plot, where the deception of Brad (Rex) is revealed and we the viewers are exposed to the failure and fallout that conventional gender roles can cause. Most importantly though, the filmmakers use the idea of pregnancy as a tool that forces the viewer to pick sides among the main characters; to either pity Brad for the fact that Jan never gave him a chance in the beginning or the pity Jan who fell under the spell of a fake, lying man named Rex. Pregnancy acts as a divider and as a conjoiner throughout Pillow Talk, as initially it is the reason for tension among the males and females in the plot, but in the end it brings Brad and Jan together as a couple. Pregnancy plays a pivotal role in the development of the plot as well as the exemplification of conventional gender roles that adds to the comedic and stereotypical aspects of the film.


One thought on “Pregnancy in Pillow Talk

  1. I really like how you summarize the movie here. You include key points and it gave me a nice refresher on what happened and how pregnancy plays a key role in the film. I completely agree that pregnancy is a common theme in the movie, all of the main characters talk about it at one point or another and that reflects on how society was back then. I also agree with the comments you make on gender roles. In the 50s it was clear the roles men and women were supposed to take and this movie exemplifies it. The way you present all the information is very clear and easy to read and understand.


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