Jan Morrow’s Apartment

Jan Morrow’s apartment, depicted in one of the first scenes of the film Pillow Talk, and then often throughout the film, is very peculiar to the eyes of someone viewing the film in 2014. The apartment is extravagant, with pink countertops and a mix between white and pink walls. The apartment has many windows and there is a consistent floral theme throughout the apartment. The bathroom contains monogramed shower curtain and assortments of towels.

Just as Jessica Sewell argues that the design of Brad’s apartment reflected something about the personality of himself and men in during the 1950’s, Jan Morrow’s apartment reflects her personality, and the overall personality of women during the 1950’s.

Jan’s personality is a very bubbly one – she enjoys socializing, going to the city for dates, and designing apartments. Jan’s interactions with other characters perfectly explain her personality: she seems very high-class and seeking quality in experiences. This can explain Jan’s apartment. Her bubbly personality contributes to the vibrant colors, and her extroversion explains the multiplicity of windows and sunlight.

At first look, Jan’s apartment’s vibrancy is peculiar. However, during the 1950’s this type of interior design would be perceived differently than the way it is perceived in this day and age. While sifting through photographs of fashion and interior design of the 1950’s, it was clear to me that the 1950’s were an exuberant time. Take, for example. The following typical 1950’s living room:


Much like Jan’s apartment, this room is very vibrant, incorporating colors such as pink and red, as well as floral designs. It is possible that the exuberant times of the 1950’s can be attributed to the optimism of the women had during the post-world war 2 era. Coupled with the well groomed nature of women at the time, it is no surprise that Jan’s apartment reflects the bubbly personality of women during the 1950’s; even though during this day and age, it is a little off-putting.

One thought on “Jan Morrow’s Apartment

  1. The author’s spin on the writing prompt was an intelligent move; he was able to create a detailed essay of his argument on how Jan Morrow’s room matched her personality and highlighted certain aspects of women in the 1950’s. The author’s descriptive account of Jan’s apartment from the film was very informative and straight to the point; he did not ramble on about minute details, but explained key features that added imagery to his post. The author also cleverly placed an example of a living room’s interior design during the 1950’s. The example captured the true essence of the 1950’s and created a great comparison between the paradigm and Jan’s apartment for the readers. Overall, the author understood the objectives and directions of the writing prompt and showed his great writing skills while composing this blog post.


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