Pillow Talk

Do people’s individual spaces show who they really are or what they want others to see them as? Do these spaces show whether they are decorating for themselves or others? People have always wanted spaces to themselves and the freedom to decorate them the way that they want. However, this freedom may cause a slight problem. What color schemes, wall decorations, and other trinkets to use are just a few questions that may come up in decorating an apartment.

Before watching the movie Pillow Talk, without a doubt I would have said apartment decorations are obviously for the person living in the apartment, however my answer has changed slightly because of Brad Allen’s apartment. Brad Allen attracts girls to his apartment with his charm and charisma but he keeps them there because of his gadgets and manly décor. Jan Morrow is obviously attracted to Brad Allen’s alter ego, Rex Stetson, and his apartment is decorated to help him in a situation like this. When Brad hired Jan to redecorate his apartment she makes it look repulsive because she knows he can never bring a woman back to a place like that. Jan’s revenge on Brad may have been cruel but it makes them both realize their love for each other.

Brad’s apartment shows that decorations in an apartment are not necessarily for the person living there but also for the people who will see the apartment. Brad’s manly bachelor pad with many gadgets would give off very different vibes if decorated with pastel colors. His sexuality may have been challenged even if light blue was his favorite color, in this way Brad may have felt as if he must have decorated his apartment to be manly so he was not judged. This apartment is the epitome of a bachelor pad and Brad plays up this fact with an elaborate switch that puts on a record, locks the door, turns down the lights, and pulls out a bed. As a result the bachelor pad shows who Brad wants to be not necessarily who he is.

On the other hand, Jan Morrow’s apartment is a reflection of herself. As a single workingwoman in New York City Jan does not necessarily care who is coming into apartment she is just interested in decorating the apartment how she likes it. The apartment has a pastel color scheme, light curtains, many flowers, and colorful throw pillows. Jan’s decorations show how feminine she is as a person and since she is an interior decorator she is able to show off her personality well through the décor in her apartment.

Jan and Brad’s respective apartments are decorated in very different ways. Some of the explanations for the ways people decorate may include gender stereotypes, purpose, and personal ideas. As a result Jan and Brad have decorated their apartments in very different ways. Jan’s apartment is decorated for herself and who she is while Brad’s apartment is decorated for others and who he would like to be.


One thought on “Pillow Talk

  1. Overall, I really like what’s in your post. It is well organized, coherent, and keeps my attention. The introduction was interesting and resonated with me, particularly because I am reminded of how my parents always have me clean up the house when we have people coming over. Then, you mention the movie overall and how people decorate their rooms, and then go specifically into Brad and Jan, and how their respective lifestyles reflect in how they decorate their apartment. In the end, I like this blog post, and was very interested in what you had to say, and now feel like I see a little more into the movie.


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