Cheating, one of the biggest headaches of teaching in the 21st century.  As technology becomes better and better it becomes easier and easier to cheat the system and get away with it.  Dante’s and Goldsmith’s articles offer two distinct pieces of information about the problem and views on the growing issue.

Dante was a talented writer who failed to make it big.  Struggling to pay the tuition bill he turned to writing other peoples papers for pay.  After graduation it became his day job paying him $66,000 a year.  Working behind the scenes he is responsible for graduating dozens of people that otherwise would not have managed too.  On any given day he would juggle 20 different assignments and if needed to he could finish a 75 page paper in two days.  All of which on subjects he had no education in, his only source being google.  While his article puts you into amazement in his abilities it shows the growing problem in education that if you want to cheat it is only getting easier to do so, with some money of course.

Goldsmith offers an alternative to the growing issue of plagiarism, embrace it.  Goldsmith writes about how plagiarism exists on every single level and how it is imposible to get rid off.  The discrepancies of how some works are considered to be art while others are ostracized as plagiarism.  In the class that he teaches at University of Pennsylvania, Uncreative Writing, he tells students to embrace this idea and use as little of their own writing as possible.  While Goldsmith’s idea is not practical in all subjects it fulfills the major requirement of passing a course, imparting students with the information that they received in a class.  It does not matter how they learned the information just that they did.  Term papers, final exams, or a presentation it does not matter, how they demonstrate their knowledge as long as students know and understand the information of the class.

Goldsmith touches on the heart of the plagiarism and cheating issue of the 21st century, grades.  One of the biggest complaints of education in the 21st century is that students care more about their grade and therefore how they do on an individual paper or exam.  If students cared about solely learning the knowledge of a class then there would not be the issue with cheating and plagiarism that exist .  Plagiarism and cheating is a response to how the focus of education is now on testing.

In can be seen in all levels of education.  Every now and then there is a story in the news about how someone got caught cheating on the SAT.  High School students view their acceptance into a certain college not on how smart they are and whether it is the right fit and level.  Instead they view their acceptance on a SAT score and whether it matches up to that college.  Plagiarism is one of the biggest issues of education today one that cannot be solved with tools such as and harsher punishments for people of plagiarize.  Instead it has to be solved with teaching students to learn for the knowledge not the grade and through classes in ethics.

One thought on “Cheating

  1. There are a few threads left dangling: Why not engage with Goldsmith’s proposal in your conclusion? And why mention things like art or Dante’s salary, if they’re not significant to your final position? Overall, you do a good job of presenting the issue in its complexity. A few sentence-level comments here:


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