Revision Post- Facebook

What I realized about social media is that as soon as it gets famous, almost everyone follows the trend. Facebook is more like a thing that people show off what they eat, where they have been and what they are doing. When I look at other people’s profile information, I see “attending to University of Pennsylvania” and I thought to myself, “that person will feel great when other people look at his profile.”  I started to become what “normal” people do by doing facebook in my middle school year. I have a seen a lot of my high school friends deactivate their facebook accounts when there was a lot of test coming up, SAT and finals. I tried to copycat again and deactivated my account also. However, the consequences were no different whether I used it or not. My test score was same as it was before. Facebook tends to update itself to become a better website that gives satisfaction to the users.  Although Facebook became a trend to the people, there are various kinds of trend going around inside Facebook. I have seen ALS Ice bucket challenge several times or people singing “Let It Go” from Frozen in the news feed several times lately. Furthermore, Facebook got famous for socializing through games, Tetris and Games of Thrones. My friends played tetris against each other to see who is the best at making decisive moves with limited shapes of blocks. The last minute when I was almost going to post something or upload a photo, I prayed to God to receive a lot of likes and comments from my friends or strangers. I have gone through a lot of embarrassing moments by receiving only 2 or 3 likes and eventually took my posts down from Facebook.

In Facebook, quantity is very specialized for me. When I go to my profile, I always check how many friends I currently have and what’s my largest likes among my photos. When I look at other people’s photos and check their likes, they are over 100 and feel great jealousy towards them. As time passes by, I became more discreet of what kind of pictures I show to the public. I deleted all the funny, goofy, stupid pictures from my timeline that I posted long time ago when I was young.

My parents wanted to fit in the new generation of social media but I prevented them not to sign up for Facebook. They would definitely check my page and see what is going around. In order to stop that, I pleasantly begged them not to make an account. Moreover, if they signed up for Facebook, I probably might be lazy to change the settings to privacy. There are a lot of funny videos that are around 10-30 seconds that makes me feel I did not waste my time on watching these videos. Also there are a lot of interesting posts that I learn or feel various emotions when I read something that are posted. Facebook is like an Internet version of Earth to me.


One thought on “Revision Post- Facebook

  1. This article could still use considerable revision. Most of all, I have no idea what venue or audience you imagine (who are you talking to?) or what the main point is you’re trying to convey. I’ve made a few more sentence-level comments here:


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