The Evolution of College Revision

I chose to revise my Evolution of College blog. I modified it a little bit so that it became an ad appealing to unemployed college graduates and college students.

Shadow Scholars Wanted!
Are you a college graduate who is unemployed? Do you want a job where you can actually use what you learned in college? By the way you can make $60,000 a year with us.
Ed Dante stated that he made roughly $66,000 a year from our company, which is more than most professors. He also specified that he only made half of what was paid by the student or individual in need of service. That means that Ed Dante alone brought in $132,000 a year, which I’m sure is more than what any professor makes in a year. That’s hundreds of clients buying essays from Ed Dante and a couple thousand more students buying essays from our firm.
That’s a staggering amount of students using our services. Business is booming! Why not apply to our company and make the same amount of money as Ed Dante? Why would you want to be a teacher writing lesson plans, when you could make more money by writing essays for students? You work when you want and get paid based off of how many essays you write. It’s a much easier job than being a professor. It’s simple, join us and become a Shadow Scholar.

Easy A’s for a small price!
Are you a struggling college student? Is it difficult for you to write essays for your class? Buying papers from us is the way to go and it prepares you for the real world. As Dante writes, “…the lazy rich student will know exactly what he wants. He is poised for a life of paying others and telling them what to do. Indeed, he is acquiring all the skills he needs to stay on top.” As unfair as this may seem, it is reality. An easy solution for college students like you is to use our services. Why write a paper when you can just have someone else do it for you? Instead of actually doing your assignments, why not pay us to do them? By using our services, you can worry about how you’re going to hook up with that cute guy/girl, instead of worrying about getting a good grade on your assignment. We have a 100 percent satisfaction rating and none of our clients have been expelled from their schools. Just read what Ed Dante says in his essay, “You know what’s never happened? I’ve never had a client complain that he’d been expelled from school, that the originality of his work had been questioned, that some disciplinary action had been taken. As far as I know, not one of my customers has ever been caught.”
It’s simple, pay us to do your work and get on with your life. Don’t waste your time doing it yourself. The college system is changing, don’t by left behind because you’re too busy writing your own papers.

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