Facebook for Dummies

Facebook for Dummies

What is Facebook? Facebook is the social networking site that has taken over the world. It is a website that allows you to share status updates, photos, videos and other information about yourself to with your “friends”. This guide will help you understand how to find your friends, share your life with them and stay updated when it comes to your surroundings. Personal Details: When you first join Facebook, the registration survey will ask you a list of basic questions that will eventually make up your basic profile. In order to ensure that you are keeping your followers updated, try to make this information as comprehensive as possible. From your e-mail address to your phone number, followers will have easy access to all your information at the click of a button. Profile Picture: Your profile picture is probably the most important aspect of your Facebook page. When your friends try to contact you through this application, this is the first thing they will come across. It is highly recommended that you upload a clear picture of yourself that has been taken recently to avoid confusions regarding friend requests. Essentially, this picture represents you on the social networking platform. Finding Friends: Facebook allows you to find your friends through email and import your contacts from a range of other services. It helps to look up friends from high school and browse through their friend circle to get in touch with common acquaintances or fellow peers. Another nifty tool is the “People You May Know” feature. This is Facebook’s way to connect you with friends. Communicating With Friends: Once you’ve compiled your database of friends on Facebook, you’d want to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. Facebook Messenger is a very useful instant messaging tool that allows you to message friends in real time. Apart from this, you can also leave behind short messages on your friends “walls” or tag them in posts that made you think of them. Posting, Updating & Uploading: Updating your ‘timeline’ is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your Facebook profile. This is where your friends can communicate with you in public. Updating this page will give them access to important information such as birth date, e-mail address, current job, hometown etc. Further, you should look to update your status posts from time to time in order to tell your friends what you’re up to at all times. Facebook started off as a trend. Today it is a necessity. It is no longer an intimate exchange of messages and ideas but has become a public forum. Keep an eye on your privacy settings and avoid giving unknown people access to all your information. Just give Facebook some time and before you know it, you’ll be hooked. This networking platform is a social prerequisite in today’s day and age. If you don’t have Facebook, you’re missing out on a revolutionary way to stay in touch with the ones you know and make new friends while you’re at it.


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  1. Well done. This sounds like it could have been written by Facebook itself—a good thing, because it’s well organized and professional-sounding—but it also leaves me missing a sense of the author. Who are you? What can we learn from your experience that we couldn’t get from reading an official introduction? Sentence-level comments here: https://diigo.com/059qx4


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