Revision Of Blog: Professor commenting on Ed Dante

Dear Principal Hopkins,                                                                                                                           28th September 2014.

Recently an epidemic of ghost writing has swept our campus, poisoning the academic system. I for one will not stand for this unfair use of talented minds. Students should be required to turn in their own work because; after all it was their own work that got them excepted to the university.

After reading about Ed Dante’s confession, I’m at a loss for words and have lost all confidence in the educational system. Every assignment that comes in to me, I begin to doubt. Whether the student wrote it or Ed Dante. Every time students excel and turn in assignments the professor feels accomplished. But after reading about Ed Dante’s confession, I feel so guilty that I could have passed children who comprehended nothing but were just ‘desprit’ to get grades. I would assume I’m a good professor and that my students are improving and paying attention in class, however, I don’t believe in myself anymore. What if all the students had their work done by Ed Dante?

I never knew that I would have to accept assignments and think about the fact that it was the students work or not, but maybe from now I’ll have to start. Thinking about it, the students are always under pressure, so many subjects with numerous assignments from each, they would naturally extend for some help, but I never expected it to be this kind of help. They pay so much money for school tuition and on top of that they pay Ed Dante for ghost writing their assignments. At any point of time he earns $66,000 annually, which is good. As a professor I would never earn that much teaching and grading assignments.

The fact that I noticed transformations and differences in people’s homework and class work assignments, always kept me thinking, how their homework would be splendid but on the other hand they would have pretty bad class work with really big errors. But sometimes I would accept it thinking it was a mistake or they were sick and could not concentrate enough, but after reading this article I realized that they were never good at it in the first place. Now I will have to compare the class work and homework just to see the fact that their level of work is similar with slight improvement, because you cannot have massive improvements over a short period of time.

As a professor, there’s not much I can really do except change some policies and ask you do that for me as these policies should be approved and changed in all departments. Teachers should be more lenient on offering help if students are stuck up and lastly use different software’s that detect plagiarism.

This article has opened my eyes to the fact that I and the school needs to change class policies, make classwork as important as homework, change grading systems for my subject and other subjects too as Ed Dante can write from pharmacology, maritime security to municipal budgeting and postmodern architecture and become an expert on any topic overnight by just reading about it. We have to try and influence other departments as well because Ed Dante is a master at all, and will surely write in any subject asked to.

I hope I have myself clear about what’s wrong. People are finding ways to cheat the educational system and this is not right. If this continues there will be a future with people who no experience and knowledge about what they learnt at school because they would have never done any of the work and the world will become a sillier place. I hope we can come together and see that this does not affect our school.



Pradyumna Singhania


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