Her: What have we come to?

Genuine love and admiration for your loved ones really just doesn’t matter anymore, or at least not during the time period in which the futuristic movie Her takes place. In the movie, the main character Theodore works for the company, Beautiful Handwritten Letters, and has a job simply writing letters for people. How does this work you may ask? Well basically, people pay him to write all kinds of letters to their loved ones, including anything from birthday cards to intimate and personal love letters.

I think that the expected reaction is to be shocked by this notion, maybe even outraged. At first I was upset that he worked for the company and that a company like this even existed. While watching the movie, I found myself asking, have we really gone this far? Why is this a company? What has our society become? Is there anyway to stop this? But then as the movie progressed, I realized that the better question is why not? If the business is there then it makes sense. But how scary is that? That we are too swallowed up in our own lives that we can’t take five minutes out of our day to write our own letters. Naturally, it’s the next step. Right now, we can barely spend the time to talk to people in person, rather relying on technology for communication. We call, text, and e-mail, because it’s easier than taking the time to meet up and have a meaningful conversation. So what’s better than that? Not having to do it at all. Simply paying someone to do it is the next step. But then, I began to think about the receivers of the letters. I’m sure that they feel great and appreciated and loved when they read them, but I actually feel sorry for them. I mean how would you feel if you knew that the person that had written you a letter was really a complete stranger in an office somewhere that has been paid to write it so the actual person wouldn’t have to? If it was me, the feeling of being completely in love with someone and thinking that they took the time to write out their feelings when in reality they just paid someone would hurt a lot. And honestly, why even bother with the letter? Just don’t send anything. I’d rather be hurt by the truth than swept off of my feet by a bunch of lies.

I think that this movie can be viewed as a warning for our generation of what lies ahead if we continue down this path. To me, life in this movie is a scary place, in which humanity has completely lost touch with the important non-materialistic qualities of life- love. In the movie, no one spends the time on the little things and people are just too busy and swept up in their own lives to make meaningful and lasting relationships with one another. To me, that’s sad and upsetting. But it leaves us with two options, either accept it or do something to change it.

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