Job to Life Correlations

Many times people’s jobs tend to directly reflect on his/her personal life outside of the office. Whether they are social, anti-social, glued to their computer, etc. In the movie “Her” Theodore is a man who works with computers day and night, and even starts to date one. Theodore’s job is a typical anti-social, cubicle job with very little interaction with anything but a computer operating system all day. With this initial perception of Theodore, the viewers are led to believe that he is a generally introverted person with very deep feelings, as he writes heart written letters at the drop of a hat. The idea that he talks to a computer in a very emotional way all day almost foreshadows his eventual romantic relationship with his operating system. He has almost practiced being emotional with a computer by working his job all day, and the new operating systems are exactly what he needs to play out those emotions. As an audience, we are most likely expected to recognize the content of Theodore’s job as a common motif throughout the entirety of the movie. His job helps to set up a basic idea for the audience about Theodore and his close relationships with computers in his daily life. The audience should also recognize the level of comfort and the ease of speaking that Theodore has when talks to not only his computer but with any computer. While many audience members may be potentially upset by the idea of somebody else writing heart felt letters for people, the bigger picture is what is important. Personally, I was able to use his job as a connection with his outside the job life, and even to use his job as a catalyst in his undying love for his computer operating system. If the producer were to change any part of the movie to help narrow perspectives and emotions about Theodore’s job, they could possibly change his job from writing letters to more methodical pieces such as essays and writing assignments. This would help to limit to possible bad reactions to Theodore’s job from the audience. My view takes on a less emotional sense for sure as I didn’t even consider the idea that Theodore was writing letters for other people and focused more on the fact that he could be so enthusiastic to a non-human computing source. I felt that the entire relationship that Theodore has at work and with his operating system was unnatural and could easily be considered an act of desperation to maintain feelings again after his dragged out divorce. While the film did not necessarily “fail” at anything, it gave the audience an opportunity to creative a multitude of perspectives on the subject.

Her. Dir. Spike Jonze. Perf. Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson. Annapurna Pictures, 2013. DVD.


2 thoughts on “Job to Life Correlations

  1. I really liked how you used Theodore’s job as a motif in the movie Her. I think his small cubicle job reflects his introverted personality, just as you explained. I also agree with you when you said how Theodore’s relationship with work was unnatural, and this would be something I would change as well. In addition, your style of writing in this post was very concise and understandable.


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